Learn More About the Coalition:


To bring attention and resources to organizations that are committed to impacting Nutrition and Health by leveraging education and technology in sustainable ways.


While the coalition was founded in the United States and extends across borders into Canada and Mexico, its reach is global. Numerous transcontinental partners participate and have pledged their support.

Who Participates:

Leaders. People and organizations that are at the top of their field. Organizers, CEOs, celebrities, speakers, athletes, etcetera. People and organizations that have the means, ability, and drive to do big things by teaming up with their peers.

Type of Coalition:

  • The potential to build advocacy campaigns that are more powerful and effective.
  • An opportunity for advocates to coordinate and share resources for the benefit of all involved through the use of social media, technology, information, connections, etc.
  • The ability to join forces with unusual or surprising allies of all shapes and sizes.
  • The ability to exceed the capacity and impact of what your organization could achieve alone.
  • Reciprocal exposure to new audiences to highlight the impactful work your organization is doing.
  • The ability to amplify policy goals.
  • The promotion of innovations.
  • Strength in numbers.
  • Opportunities for shared press conferences
  • Opportunities for shared information and strategy.
  • Opportunities for coordinated messaging among members.


Grow Local facilitates greater integration and cooperation among its coalition members and promotes ethical and responsible efforts to sustainably address issues related to Nutrition and Health using education and technology. Grow Local also sets the norms, standards and conventions to facilitate cooperation across organizations, industries, and populations.

As a virtual coalition manager, Grow Local operates on a non-partisan, multilateral platform to keep members focused on their shared interests, instead of only their institutional self-interests, smoothing out decision-making and ensuring the coalition is adhering to goals and plans. Grow Local recognizes groups do have institutional interests, and helps partners, as is appropriate, achieve their own interests – as long as those interests do not conflict or compete with the mission of the coalition.

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