Our mission statement is very simple. We want to "Feed the Future".

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Over the next 5 years, Grow Local will lead an effort to:

Amplify and facilitate scientific research

related to nutrition, public health efforts that support lasting healthy lifestyles, and access to technologies, funding, education, and recognition through our robust partner network.

Provide a K-12+ educational platform

oriented around nutrition, sustainability, empowerment, and leadership to provide career paths, economic growth, nutritional advocacy, and nutritional adoption and advocacy.

Host the annual TEHNS Summit

(Technology, Education, Health, Nutrition, and Sustainability) started in December of 2022 to connect synergistic organizations across the globe to find commonality and amplify their good work.

Launch a comprehensive marketplace

where people can engage in commerce at the hyper-local level to access the goods they need while supporting their community in a more sustainable way.

As much as 80% of the immune system resides in the gut, making our diets one of our strongest defenses against disease, death, and disability. We’re committed to making fresh, healthy, and sustainable food available to everyone.

– The Charlotte Convening, 2022.

TEHNS Coalition is focused on

enhancing and bringing attention to organizations that are committed to impacting Nutrition and Health by leveraging education and technology in sustainable ways.

The White House Conference

In conjunction with The White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, Grow Local is hosting the TEHNS Summit to focus on Technology, Education, Health, Nutrition, & Sustainability.

Nearly 3,000 individuals, 200 organizations

attended the 2022 TEHNS Summit and signed the TEHNS Pledge to create initiatives that focus on promoting healthier lifestyles

Grow Local uses technologies, such as the AquaTree, and other certified product and service providers to help people gain access to nutrient-rich diets and encourage healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

AquaTree is the easiest, and most convenient high-yield growing technology of its kind.  It has the ability to drastically improve dietary health while saving time, money, and space.



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