AquaTree® Table Top 2-Level with Grow Lights

Grow fresh, nutrient-dense produce in as little as 48 hours with practically no effort.  AquaTree is the easiest, and most convenient high-yield growing technology of its kind.  It has the ability to drastically improve dietary health while saving time, money, and space.  Supporting healthy eating habits is nearly unavoidable with AquaTree because you will use every day.  AquaTree will change your life.  Try it today.

We want to help you buy dependable and sustainable, not disposable.  Sporting an innovative small appliance design, AquaTree has been solidly built for professionals but meticulously crafted to accommodate both the most discerning and entry level users.  Every AquaTree product has been developed to exceed typical industry durability and performance standards while remaining scalable so it can grow and evolve with you. Its embrace of pureponics (water-based growing) and quick assembly time means that beginners require no experience to start using it.  AquaTree handles the hard parts for you; which means you can grow an endless supply nutrient-dense, chemical-free produce with little effort -perfect for your home or business.

Over 300+ varieties of seed have successfully grown in the AquaTree, so as you gain experience, you can easily increase the variety of what you can grow.  Larger seeds can be dropped right into the AquaTree to grow.  Smaller seeds are paired with proprietary, single-use MauMats; which promote clean healthy growth and are designed to biodegrade after use.  AquaTree also comes with a professional grade, full-spectrum grow light designed exclusively for the AquaTree.

AquaTree’s focus on continuous innovation means better products and more options for you.  Although the underlying technology is fully developed, new attachments and companion products are continually developed.  Aside from an aggressive release schedule that will broaden crop varieties, AquaTree has planned releases scheduled for numerous add-ons that facilitate mature plants, numerous growing methods (hydroponic, aquaponic, and bioponic), water changes, and even apps for wellness/nutrition, growing, virtual assistance, and many more features.


Innovation stands at the forefront of AquaTree’s simplicity. Never before have you been able to effortlessly grow so much high quality microgreens and sprouts so quickly.



The AquaTree® reduces waste and minimizes biproducts while using sustainable materials to optimize growth. Use it for years to come without compromising your wallet or the environment.



Create your ideal setup and expand as you please. Our modular device makes customizing your next harvest as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Note: All systems above two levels require overflow tray

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 21 in


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